Ave Nicaragüita "Your Spanish school"

Practicing Spanish in real contexts
Ave Nicaraguita offers more then 30 different cultural or tourist activities at which students, together with the instructor, will be directly applying their theoretical lessons, and improving their vocabulary. The options for Spanish practices are:

1. Discover Granada in a carriage or walking:
In the town of Granada we still use old means of transportation (horse carriages).In a carriage or walking you can discover the beauty of the old colonial style buildings and enjoy the calm atmosphere of Granada, the most antique of the cities in Central America.Thus you will have the opportunity to visit the most important tourist destinations in Granada.

2. Visit the small islands:
Musicians and poets have sung about the incomparable beauty of the 365 small islands you will find near the coast line of the Cocibolca Lake in Granada Nicaragua. While taking a boat trip around the islands you can observe the variety of birds and trees that grow there. Also, you will see the Fort San Pablo, which was built by the native inhabitants to defend themselves against the pirates and bandits. From its peak, you will admire the picturesque mountain chain of Chontaleña. This surely will be an unforgettable experience.

3.Talking about socio-cultural interests:
Learn more about Nicaragua: customs and traditions, history, politics, traditional parties, environment, etc.

4.Typical Nicaraguan dishes:
Cook some of the typical and traditional dishes of the Nicaraguan food, use the opportunity to prepare Atoles, Tiste, drinks made of corn and cacao, and cook Buñuelos en Miel, Maduro en Miel, common desserts, and get to know the flavor and seasoning you can only taste in Nicaragua.

5. Visit the Convent San Francisco:
You can visit the old convent and feel the breath of passed times around you while walking through its huge halls. Furthermore you can admire the pre-Columbian art gallery and the gallery of Idols of stone brought from the Island Zapatera in the Lake Cocibolca. If it coincides with your visit, at times you can see as well national art exhibitions.

6. Walk to the Posintepe Hill:
Walking a few kilometers towards the south of the town, you will find the Posintepe Hill. This small hill mines natural stones and contributed to the construction of some of the temples in the town of Granada. At the top you will find a cross, which the Roman Catholics used to visit every holy Friday.From this place it is only a small distance to the Mombacho (inactive volcano).You can also enjoy - from a different point of view - the beautiful landscape formed by the lake and its islands.

7. Visit the Island La Ceiba:
Special because of its size and how it is used, the small island of La Ceiba. Tourists that visit the island can taste the delicious food, swim and relax in a quiet, fresh and pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by the singing of the island’s birds.

8. Dancing classes:
Enjoy the Latin music: Salsa, Merengue, Bachatas, and much more.Have fun with our dance classes and learn to dance the Latin rhythm danced in Latin America.You can learn as well, if you wish, the traditional dances and folklore of Nicaragua, like the El Sapo, Palomita Guaciruca, El Solar de Monimbo, and much more.

9. Visit Fort La Pólvora (Gunpowder):
Like the name already evokes, the fort was built to repress and punish young people which didn’t share the ideals of the Somoza regime which was in power at that time. After the revolution’s triumph in 1979, the fort was occupied by the government of the Sandinista and they discovered the proofs of the cruelties committed on the prisoners. In a prison well, cadavers and bones of an unknown number of victims of this system of repression against new ideas and freedom were found. Now it is a museum that displays history. As well, it is planned to set up an art school inside of the building.

10. Visit the cemetery:
In the silence of the graves you can admire the artistic works of marble and black stone, magnificent statues and chapels with artistic vitrales which our ancestors brought from Italy. Its entrance, which is decorated with very old palm trees, as if it wants to tell the sky "Requien Eternan" and its Chapel of Spirits let the visitor know that he finds himself on holy ground.