• Volunteers / Internships

    Ave Nicaragüita "Your Spanish school"

    Please consider this important information before selecting your volunteer program:

    Sharing a friendly & hands-on time with our people

    For volunteers, Ave Nicaraguita provides them with the possibility of observing and participating in the everyday survival tasks of our local communities. In addition, Ave Nicaraguita facilitates the search of opportunities to collaborate directly with local agencies both private and public- or with community movements to exchange craft practices, as well as professional ones.

    The goal of volunteering in all cases is to reach the people more affected by poverty, undernourishment and other extreme conditions. Volunteers are willing to engage into non-academic knowledge exchange directly related to their occupation or vocation; a process in which everybody participates. Areas of work include weaving, cooking, dancing, drawing, jewelry and other arts and crafts. For other students or professionals areas of work include agriculture, eco-tourism, health, dentistry, nutrition, nursing, women counseling, education and others.